10 thoughts on “Bilder från Rite-camp april 2009

  1. I am still team coffee, but that little contarption just might convert me to team tea! I bought some loose leaf teas in Canada, but I am a little intimidated by the whole process. That makes it seem simple.

  2. Thanks so much Nick – great to see the data translated into policy. Have you done any analysis of the Indigenous Employment Policy funded by DEEWR -$650m over four years? No government data or evaluation available. Toni Wren.

  3. i’m actually from Naples.. so i don’t know why i’m writing in english! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. well if you move there.. lucky you! I’m actually thinking about moving there to study fashion design after high school but i still dunno.have a nice evening!xxxx

  4. Wszystko prawda, tylko ja piszę na blogu o swojej sytuacji. Mój laptop służy mi jako komputer stacjonarny, a pracuje na kilkudziesięciokilobajtowych plikach podczas programowania.Wniosek z tego taki, że zakup powinien być ściśle dobrany do potrzeb.

  5. Please give us a call to discuss that in a confidential manner (408) 293-2026. Listing your second entry doesn’t necessarily mean is unethical but it is important to know if you were under 16 when you entered the second time.

  6. I LOVE the face she’s making, as if to say “You don’t know this, but I’m working up to a good poo. That’ll show you just how much I appreciate and channel Fred Mertz!”

  7. Particularly good commentary from both you witches today but I find the BW giving the more ideal reply and GW the more practical (I.e. realistic &ugly) response.

  8. Whatever you do, don’t give him the idea that you’re worried about this. I’m laughing thinking about it. My middle child was a little OCD about things. She got stuck on Tigger and we lived with Tigger and talked about Tigger and watched Winnie the Pooh stuff until we all thought we were going to just puke from the horror of it.Then one day she was like, “Tigger who?”real live preacher’s last blog post..

  9. Jan M. Fijor pisze:Niestety, wysokosc rezerw ma niewiele wspolnego z typem rachunku. Zwolennicy stuprocentowej rezerwy chca, aby bylo tak jak pan pisze, ale nie jest. Banki tworza podaz pieniadza, a panstwo (bank centralny) je w tym wspiera. To zwykle oszustwo. Uklony Jan M Fijor

  10. 183Great Indieview, Frida.I think technology in general has a tendency to bring the world closer together. The internet has done that. In the case of those from the US, where we tend to be a little US-centric and not always well informed on other countries and cultures, Indie authors from other countries provide us a glimpse at both.

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